Regina’s Grocery NYC is your new LES neighborhood Italian joint where classic Italian sandwiches are refined, and family business is redefined. The lovely Regina lends not only her name, but also her Italian cooking expertise to this vibrant new sandwich shop/Italian grocery. Running the business and design end of this partnership is Regina’s son, Roman Grandinetti, who brings an unexpected twist to the fledgling sandwich shop, a contemporary street edge. Having already brought collaborations with the likes of Nike and Public School (through his content marketing agency CNNCTD), the Grandinettis seem to be fulfilling their vision of a casually cool, go-to Italian spot for the LES neighborhood.

Stop by for one of Regina’s specialty sandwiches, all charmingly named after members of the Grandinetti family. The sandwiches are hearty but refreshing, a modern take on the classic Italian sub. Enjoy these delicious sandwiches (and keep an eye out for their upcoming salads and hot dishes menu) in the small but open storefront—classic white tiling on the floor, vintage family photos, and imported Italian grocery staples line the walls, and plenty of space for patrons and friends to wander in and out, or to stay and shoot the breeze with Regina and Roman.

The familiar air in this neighborhood joint is palpable, everyone who walks in is immediately in Regina’s kitchen, and for however long it takes you to eat your sandwich, part of the family.

roman grandinetti